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The History of the Accordion in World Music - About.com
The accordion is one of the best-known world music instruments, and people tend to love it or hate it. Learn more about the history of accordions, how ...
Learning to Play Accordion - World Music - About.com
Ronald Kowalewski shares his story about learning to play the accordion.
Walter Mouton and Wayne Toups, Sharing an Accordion - World Music
Walter Mouton and Wayne Toups, Joking Around and Playing an Accordion Together. Page 19.
Accordion Solitaire - Card Game - Complete Rules - Idle Year
The complete rules for the card game Accordion Solitaire.
Here's an Accordian Fold with an Illustration - Desktop Publishing
Accordian folds are similar to the pleats on the musical instrument known as an accordion (note the different spelling). Some tri-fold brochures, business letters, ...
Sheet Music for the Accordion - Music Education - About.com
A collection of sheet music for different types of accordions.
German Roots of Mexican Music - Spanish Language - About.com
(Julieta Venegas playing the accordion.). Photo by Hector Sanchez; licensed via Creative Commons. Question: Does Mexican music have German roots? I was ...
How to Make Accordion-Folded Paper Rosette Flowers
To get started making accordion-folded rosettes for your scrapbook pages or paper crafting projects, you will need just a few supplies. These include: 12 inch ...
Accordion - Country Music - About.com
Definition: A reed instrument worn like a vest, with right and left hand keyboards. The accordion is used primarily in conjunto, tejano and cowboy musics.
Calories Burned Accordion
Calories burned with Accordion. 122 calories per hour. Assuming a body weight of: 150 lbs. This is equivalent to eating any of the lines of the following table.
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