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African Music - World Music - About.com
Top 10 African Music Starter CDs. Africa is a huge continent made up of hundreds of different tribes of people. When first starting to explore the music of Africa, ...
Top African Music Starter CDs - World Music - About.com
These CDs will make a great beginning to your African music collection. They represent a wide variety of styles and genres and will be just the thing you need to ...
African Musicians - World Music - About.com
Musicians from African Countries and African Musical Traditions.
African Music and Instruments - Music Education - About.com
African Music. Africa is a continent where a rich and diverse cultural heritage exists; hundreds of different languages are spoken in Africa. During the 7th century, ...
African Music - Music from Africa - Africa Travel - About.com
Music in Africa. African music is a very important part of African culture. Wherever you travel in Africa you'll hear live music, from a band performing in your hotel, ...
Non-Western Music - African, Indian & Polynesian Music
Each country or region has its own type of music that is native to that area. These music, songs and dances have become part of their culture and has been ...
A List of Africa's Best Music Festivals - Africa Travel - About.com
My selection of Africa's best music festivals includes the Festival au Desert in Mali , the World Sacred music festival in Fez (Morocco), Sauti za Busara Music ...
Djembe - A West African Hand Drum - World Music - About.com
Best-recognized as the most common drum in your average drum circle, the djembe is a traditional West African hand drum that provides the rhythm to a great  ...
10 Essential South African Gospel Music CDs
South African Gospel first hit the international music scene when Paul Simon introduced us to Ladysmith Black Mambazo on his game-changing 1986 release  ...
African-American Folk Music - A Brief History - About.com
Learn more about the influence of African-American music on the evolution of American folk music, with this brief history.
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