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Reggae & Caribbean Music - World Music - About.com
The reggae music of Jamaica and the Afro-Caribbean traditions of various other islands are some of the most popular genres of music in the world.
What Styles of Music Come From the Caribbean? - World Music
Like basically all other Caribbean music, compas is a blend of African rhythms with the music of the Native Caribbean people and European musical elements.
5 Great Vintage Calypso CDs -- Compilations To Get ... - World Music
Calypso music, the African-rooted folk music of Trinidad and Tobago, has long been the ... Calypso at Dirty Jim's Soundtrack - (c) Caribbean Music Group, 2005.
Caribbean Music - History and Information on ... - Caribbean Travel
History and Information on Caribbean Music, Artists, and Traditions.
Calypso Music 101 - World Music - About.com
The Roots of Calypso Music: Calypso is a genre of Afro-Caribbean music that comes primarily from the island of Trinidad (though calypso is found throughout ...
Introduction and History of Ska Music - World Music - About.com
Ska music is by far one of the most popular genres of world music. Ska music has ... Reggae & Caribbean Music · Glossary of Reggae and Ska Music Terms ...
Reggae Music and Reggae History 101 - World Music - About.com
Reggae music, Jamaica's best-known export, is a genre that got its start in Kingston in ... Reggae & Caribbean Music · Glossary of Reggae and Ska Music Terms ...
Bob Marley Song Quotes -- Quotations About Music and Dancing
Reggae & Caribbean Music · Bob Marley. Quotes From Bob Marley Songs -- Music, Dance, and Fun! ... "Hey Mister Music, sure sounds good to me! I can't refuse ...
Traditional Caribbean Song Lyrics - World Music - About.com
Lyrics of traditional songs from Caribbean musical traditions: calypso, mento, and more! Learn the lyrics and histories of these great traditional Caribbean songs.
Mento Music 101: The Early Folk Music of Jamaica - World Music
Mento, much like other Caribbean folk music, is a blending of African rhythms, Latin rhythms, and Anglo folksongs. Mento found its greatest popularity in the ...
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