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Reggae & Caribbean Music - World Music - About.com
The reggae music of Jamaica and the Afro-Caribbean traditions of various other islands are some of the most popular genres of music in the world.
What Styles of Music Come From the Caribbean? - World Music
The melting pot of cultures in the islands and coastal areas surrounding the Caribbean sea have made this region one of the most fertile breeding grounds for ...
Traditional Caribbean Song Lyrics - World Music - About.com
Lyrics of traditional songs from Caribbean musical traditions: calypso, mento, and more! Learn the lyrics and histories of these great traditional Caribbean songs.
Caribbean Music - History and Information on ... - Caribbean Travel
If you want to have a listen to some music that has clear influences from both classical Indian music and other styles of caribbean music, dig into some soca ...
5 Great Vintage Calypso CDs -- Compilations To Get ... - World Music
Calypso music, the African-rooted folk music of Trinidad and Tobago, has long been the ... Calypso at Dirty Jim's Soundtrack - (c) Caribbean Music Group, 2005.
Trinidadian Calypso - World Music - About.com
The Roots of Calypso Music: Calypso is a genre of Afro-Caribbean music that comes primarily from the island of Trinidad (though calypso is found throughout ...
Mento Music 101: The Early Folk Music of Jamaica - World Music
Mento, much like other Caribbean folk music, is a blending of African rhythms, Latin rhythms, and Anglo folksongs. Mento found its greatest popularity in the ...
World Music Genres and Styles - About.com
World music encompasses many genres and styles. ... Caribbean music, particularly that of Jamaica, has become some of the most popular music in the world.
Reggae Music and Reggae History 101 - World Music - About.com
Reggae music, Jamaica's best-known export, is a genre that got its start in Kingston ... Reviews of World Music Concerts and CDs · Reggae & Caribbean Music ...
Bob Marley Song Quotes -- Quotations About Music and Dancing
Quotes From Bob Marley Songs -- Music, Dance, and Fun! ... Bands & Artists A-Z · Reviews of World Music Concerts and CDs · Reggae & Caribbean Music ...
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