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Music in the French Language - World Music - About.com
Love the French language and want to discover some more music in French? Look no further, these ten french language cds will get your collection started ...
Classic Chansons From the Golden Era of French Pop - World Music
These well-known gems of vintage French pop music, like Coco Chanel's little black dress, are perennially chic, and they go with everything.
If You Like Edith Piaf, You Might Like These Artists ... - World Music
If you like Edith Piaf, take a step further and dig into some other classic French music.
French and Francophone Music
Listen to francophone music online or just learn more about it with this eclectic collection of musical resources.
French Music for Kids and Classes
Most people like music, but kids in particular usually love it. Here are some French music links to help your child, your students, and you enjoy listening to and ...
French Musical Glossary - Piano - About.com
The French musical phrase "accélérez le mouvement" (often abbreviated "accél." ) affects tempo. Learn the meaning, pronunciation, and multilingual synonyms ...
Music Lingua - Teaching French to Kids
The Music Lingua program combines original songs with creative activities to teach young children (up to eight years old) a new language: French, Spanish, ...
Solfège - French Musical Terms - Meaning of Solfege - Piano
Learn the meaning, pronunciation, and multilingual synonyms of the French musical term 'solfège.'
Cédez - French Musical Terms - Meaning of Cedez
Learn the meaning of the French musical term "cédez," or céder, and see its Italian synonym. Browse French musical terms, or find musical terms and phrases in ...
Videos - Warm-Up Activities and Fillers for the French Classroom
Acquire music videos (can be taped from TV5 or Disney sing-alongs on video from Quebec). Activity Watch and discuss in class. Activity Type up the lyrics for ...
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