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Putumayo - World Music - About.com
Putumayo World Music - The Basics: Putumayo World Music is a record label founded by Dan Storper in 1993. Putumayo produces musical compilations ...
A Complete List of Putumayo World Music Christmas CDs
Putumayo is known for their fun, uplifting collections of music from around the world, and their Christmas CDs offer just that, with a seasonal flair. From traditional ...
CD Review: Putumayo Presents World Yoga
A review of Putumayo World Music's release 'Putumayo Presents World Yoga,' a collection of songs from both yoga-based and non-yoga-based musical ...
Putumayo - Interview with Putumayo founder Dan Storper - Folk Music
For 20 years, Putumayo has been informing music fans everywhere about the different musical traditions around the world. By packaging some of the finest ...
Putumayo - Review of Putumayo Presents Espana - Latin Music
The Bottom Line. If it weren't for a title that makes one expect a little more scope, Putumayo Presents Espana might be easier to take seriously. As it is, the album ...
Putumayo Presents African Blues CD Review
A review of the compilation CD Putumayo Presents African Blues, which includes tracks from Taj Mahal, Tinariwen, Issa Bagayogo, and many more.
CD Review: Putumayo Presents Vintage France - World Music
Putumayo Presents Vintage France sees a slate of current French artists tackling a dozen classic songs from the vintage French pop repertoire, from blustery ...
Putumayo CD Reviews - World Music - About.com
Reviews of releases from Putumayo World Music, and their subsidiary, Putumayo Kids.
Putumayo Presents Americana - Folk Music - About.com
Putumayo is known for putting together incredible compilations that serve not only to introduce their listeners to the genre (or, often, country) featured, but also to ...
Putumayo Presents: Rhythm & Blues - R & B/Soul - About.com
Generations before Rhythm & Blues evolved into what it is today, it was sort of an upbeat, danceable version of Blues music. And on the Putumayo World Music ...
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