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Reggae Music and Reggae History 101 - World Music - About.com
Reggae music, Jamaica's best-known export, is a genre that got its start in Kingston in the 1960s, and was brought to popularity by artists like Bob Marley and ...
10 Essential Reggae Classics - World Music - About.com
Though reggae, like any genre, is sometimes maligned by haters as "all sounding the same," I find the classic reggae canon overwhelming in its size and  ...
5 Great African Reggae CDs - World Music - About.com
Reggae music, though born in Jamaica, is deeply African in ancestry. From the thumping backbeat to the Rastafarian Panafrican-themed lyrics, the roots are ...
Top 10 Books About Reggae and Jamaican Music - Top Ten ...
Listening to reggae music is, of course, deeply enjoyable, even for people who aren't from the Jamaican culture which created the genre. However, gaining ...
Jewish Reggae CDs - World Music - About.com
With the popularity of Matisyahu, a Hasidic reggae rapper, interest is growing in other Jewish Reggae music. Many of these Jewish Reggae albums are hard to ...
Reggae & Caribbean Music - World Music - About.com
The reggae music of Jamaica and the Afro-Caribbean traditions of various other islands are some of the most popular genres of music in the world.
Roots Reggae Information - What is Roots Reggae - World Music
Roots reggae is a subgenre of reggae music, characterized by socially conscious and spiritual lyrics. Roots reggae peaked in the late 1960s with Bob Marley, ...
What is Sunshine Reggae - World Music - About.com
Sunshine reggae is a subgenre of reggae music that focuses on positive messages and a light, tropical sound. It is generally played for tourists and visitors to ...
Reggae Music CDs for Kids (and Their Parents, Too!) - World Music
Kids love reggae music. It's upbeat, fun, and great for dancing. However, it can sometimes be difficult to find reggae music that has lyrics appropriate for kids, ...
What's the Difference Between Ska and Reggae? - World Music
A reader wrote in to ask about the difference between ska and reggae. Read on and find out the answer!
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