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Introduction and History of Ska Music - World Music - About.com
Ska Music Basics: Genres of music are seldom invented in someone's basement, generally they sort of fade into existence. Such is the case with ska, a genre of ...
Must-Have Ska CDs -- The Best of First-Wave Jamaican Ska Music
Traditional Jamaican ska music came about in the early 1960s. It was originally a blend of traditional Caribbean sounds (including mento and calypso) and ...
What's the Difference Between Ska and Reggae? - World Music
A reader wrote in to ask about the difference between ska and reggae. Read on and find out the answer!
Reggae and Ska Glossary of Terms - World Music - About.com
Some are common phrases used in song lyrics, some are cultural references, and some are musical terms, but they're all essential for ska and reggae fans!
Toasting - Reggae, Ska, Dancehall and Jamaican Music - World Music
Toasting is a style of lyrical chanting which, in Jamaican and other African- inspired musical traditions, involves a deejay chanting over a rhythm. Toasting, as it is ...
All About Jamaican Music Genres and Artists - World Music
All About Jamaican Music. From Mento to Ska, Rocksteady to Reggae, and Beyond! By Megan Romer. Share this. World Music Categories. World Music For  ...
Best First Wave Ska CD - World Music - About.com
What is your favorite first wave ska CD? Which band do you consider to be essential listening for ska music beginners? What ska CDs do you think are the very ...
World Music: Album Recommendations and Playlists
Learn about global music including musicians from the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Browse album recommendations and artist biographies.
Riddim - The Building Block of Ska, Reggae and Jamaican Music ...
In reggae, ska and dancehall music, a riddim is an instrumental version of a song , generally featuring heavy drum and bass lines, sometimes with no melodic ...
Ska Cubano - World Music - About.com
Ska Cubano is a band whose members are spread around the globe and who play a combination of ska music, Cuban son and Colombian cumbia.
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