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Statue of Breton Folk Musician Glenmor - A Photo Gallery


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Glenmor Statue in Parc du Thabor, Rennes, Brittany
Statue of Glenmor

Statue of Glenmor

(c) Megan Romer, 2012 / Licensed to About.com

Should you ever find yourself ambling through the glorious Parc du Thabor in the Breton capital city of Rennes, France, you might stumble across this larger-than-life statue of Breton folk musician and storyteller Glenmor.

Born Emile Le Scanf (or Milig Ar Skanv, in Breton) in a small town called Mael-Carhaix in 1931, Glenmor took his stage name from the Breton language words for "land" ("glen") and "sea" ("mor"). After serving in the French army and traveling extensively during the 1950s, he began writing and composing songs and poetry. He began performing in 1959 and gained tremendous regional popularity during the worldwide folk revival of the 1960s.

Glenmor's songs focused extensively on the traditional Celtic Breton culture from a radical separatist viewpoint, espousing independence for Brittany and her people. He remained influential as both a songwriter and an activist until his death in 2006. He's best remembered for his song "Kan Bale an ARB," the marching song of the Breton Revolutionary Army.

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