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Balkan Beat Box


Balkan Beat Box
(c) Seth Kushner

Balkan Beat Box - The Main Players:

Ori Kaplan and Tamir Muskat have both been part of the burgeoning Eastern European underground music scene in New York City for over a decade. Ori Kaplan was part of the band Gogol Bordello and Tamir Muskat was a member of both Firewater and Big Lazy.

Balkan Beat Box Begins:

Kaplan and Muskat got together in the hopes of creating a new sound; a pan-Mediterranean sound for a new era. By combining music from the Balkans, Israel, Spain, Northern Africa and more with modern electronic elements and techniques, "New Mediterraneo", Balkan Beat Box's signature sound, was born. The sound is unexpectedly fresh and exciting, with a combination of looped rhythms and stellar live musicianship.

Balkan Beat Box with Matisyahu:

Balkan Beat Box really made a name for themselves when they toured as the opener for Jewish Reggae rapper Matisyahu. They also played such renowned venues as Bonnaroo and Central Park Summerstages.

Balkan Beat Box Sound:

The touring band sound of Balkan Beat Box is remarkably different than that of the sound on their record. It's something of an expanded version of that sound, with two live percussionists, two saxophone players, bass and guitar. They also have a live rapper (MC Tomer Yosef). While their record is somewhat repetitive, their live show is almost unbelievably exciting.
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