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Celtic Woman


Celtic Woman Picture

Celtic Woman Picture

Courtesy Celtic Woman

Celtic Woman - The Basics:

Celtic Woman is a musical ensemble and stage show which incorporates both traditional Irish music and modern songs done with a Celtic twist. Irish journalist Danny McElhinney called Celtic Woman "Riverdance for the Voice," and indeed, the two shows have many things in common, including some musicians.

Celtic Woman - The Television Special:

Celtic Woman's first television special was filmed in September of 2004 and shown on PBS in the United States (as well as other stations internationally) beginning in March of 2005. This special featured high-end staging and extravagant wardrobe choices, presenting Celtic Woman much more like a Broadway musical than a traditional Irish pub concert. This clearly had some appeal, because within weeks, the accompanying album had climbed to #1 on the Billboard World Music Charts.

Celtic Woman - The Members:

The current lineup of Celtic Woman includes vocalists Chloe Agnew, Lynn Hillary, Lisa Kelly, and Alex Sharpe, as well as singer/harpist Orla Fallon and fiddle player Mairead Nesbitt. Past members have included Meav Ni Mhaolchatha, Deirdre Shannon, and Hayley Westenra.

Celtic Woman on Tour:

Celtic Woman tours frequently throughout the world, often to sold-out houses in large-scale venues. Their complete tour schedule can be found at the official Celtic Woman website.

Celtic Woman Discography:

Celtic Woman (2005) - Compare Prices
Celtic Woman: A Christmas Celebration (2006) - Compare Prices
Celtic Woman: A New Journey (2007) - Compare Prices
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