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Huun Huur Tu


Huun Huur Tu
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Huun Huur Tu - The Basics:

Huun Huur Tu is a music group from Tuva. The band is one of the premier Tuvan Throat Singing groups in the world, and they perform both traditional music of Tuva and contemporary variations on the style. Huun Huur Tu tours regularly throughout the world, and have been a part of some exciting collaborations, including a 2009 record called Eternal with producer Carmen Rizzo, who used Huun Huur Tu's Tuvan Throat Singing as a layer in an electronic lounge-style album.

Current Members of Huun Huur Tu:

  • Kaigal-ool Khovalyg
  • Sayan Bapa
  • Radik Tyulyush
  • Alexei Saryglar

Recommended Huun Huur Tu Starter CDs:

The Orphan's Lament (1994) - Traditional style (Compare Prices) Where the Young Grass Grows (1999) - Traditional style with modern and Western elements (Compare Prices) Eternal (2009) - Very modern, with producer Carmen Rizzo
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