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European Music and Music From Jewish Traditions

Despite the fact that Europe is a relatively small continent, the musical traditions it holds are widely varied. From the Swedish fiddling of the North to the Italian Accordion, from klezmer to manouche, you'll find it here.
  1. Edith Piaf (6)

Klezmer Music 101
Klezmer music is the traditional secular music of Ashkenazi and Hasidic Jews. It is characterized by use of the accordion, fiddle and clarinet and is often played at Jewish weddings.

10 Iconic French Songs
These well-known gems of vintage French pop music, like Coco Chanel's little black dress, are ageless and stylish, and they go with everything.

Essential Flamenco Starter CDs
Want to build up a collection of flamenco music? Start with these ten great discs from artists both classic and contemporary, and get ready to enjoy yourself.

Portuguese Fado - 10 Starter CDs
Fado is Portugal's answer to jazz -- an urban genre of folk music that sprang up in a port city where folks from many walks of life and ethnic backgrounds intermingled. It's beautiful and sad and absolutely worth your time to explore. Here are some CDs to get you started.

CDs in the French Language
Love the French language and want to discover some more music in French? Look no further, these ten french language cds will get your collection started nicely!

Portuguese Fado Music 101
Fado music is the traditional urban folk music of Portugal. Portuguese fado music is known for its sad, mournful songs and powerful performances.

If You Like Edith Piaf, You Might Like...
Edith Piaf is one of the greatest singers of all time, and her appeal was widespread, crossing over the boundaries of language and culture. Though many of her contemporaries never achieved the same level of international fame as Edith Piaf did, their music is equally timeless, and quite wonderful. If you like Edith Piaf

5 Essential Gregorian Chant Starter CDs
Gregorian Chant, a form of devotional plainsong that's been part of the Christian tradition for nearly 2000 years, is among the oldest forms of traditional Christian music. This simple, intense music has regained popularity in the past couple of decades, gaining particular popularity among Christians seeking music for meditation and prayer. To...

Essential Django Reinhardt Playlist
Django Reinhardt was one of the finest musicians who ever lived, no doubt about it. Though his left hand was severely scarred and partially paralyzed in a fire, he managed to develop a style of gypsy jazz guitar that revolutionized jazz music. Django's prolific songwriting and recording left behind a substantial b…

Jewish Reggae CDs
With the popularity of Matisyahu, a Hasidic reggae rapper, interest is growing in other Jewish Reggae music. Check out some of these great artists who are incorporating Jewish traditions with Reggae.

Eight Great CDs for Hanukkah
Seeking some music to play during your Hanukkah (or Chanukah, if you prefer) celebrations? As you may have already discovered, it's not exactly an easy proposition -- there aren't a huge number of Hanukkah CDs on the market, and those Hanukkah CDs that exist aren't all terribly good. Not to worry, though -- I've picked through the best of...

Edith Piaf's 10 Greatest Songs
From "La Vie en Rose" to "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien" and beyond, Edith Piaf was responsible for some of the most beautiful songs ever recorded. Here are ten of her very best.

What is Your Favorite Hanukkah CD?
Great music can make an already lovely Hanukkah celebration even better. What CDs does your family like to listen to while eating latkes, playing dreidel, and enjoying other fun Hanukkah traditions?

Best Django Reinhardt Song - What do You Think is Django Rein…
What is Django Reinhardt's best song? Is it the enduring "Nuages" or "Minor Swing," or is it an obscure number that never ceases to make you smile? Share your favorite Django song with other readers, and hear what they have to say!

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