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Festivals and Venues That Feature World Music

While recordings of world music are wonderful, there's nothing like experiencing a live concert. Find music venues and festivals near you!

Make the Most out of a Music Festival
There are few better ways to experience live music than through a music festival. Here are some tips to make your music festival experience the best it can be.

The Best World Music Festival
What is the best world music festival in the universe? Readers share their opinions on the best world music festivals out there, and what makes them better than all the rest. See submissions

Things To Bring To A Music Festival
New to music festivals? Been going to them for awhile, but still think your stay could be more comfortable? Use this handy checklist to remind yourself of things you need to make your music festival experience the best it can be. If you'll be camping for the full weekend, check out the camping site at About.com for information about what to...

Tips for Taking Children to Music Festivals
Taking children to a music festival might seem like a bit of a daunting proposition -- even for those who have done it before! There are a lot of things to take into consideration before you festivalize with kids, but if you're well-prepared, a great music festival can be as much fun for the whole family as a theme park or other traditional...

Top 10 World Music Clubs in New York City
It's no surprise that New York City, being one of the largest and most vibrant hubs of art and culture in the world, is a hotbed of world music, both live and recorded. It's not difficult to find a great world music performer, band or DJ on any given night in the city, but these world music clubs represent the best of the best and are truly New York City's finest.

Festival International de Louisiane
Festival International is a free street festival in Lafayette, Louisiana. Festival International de Louisiane is the United States' largest francophone music festival, showcasing dozens of artists from around the globe every year. The festival often coincides with one weekend of New Orleans JazzFest, so many people attend both.

New Orleans Jazz Festival Profile
New Orleans Jazz Festival, despite its name, is actually a phenomenal festival for World Music lovers, featuring dozens of acts from United States' varied ethnic traditions and bands from around the world; especially Africa!

Ashkenaz is a legendary world music venue in Berkeley, California (in the San Francisco Bay Area). Founded by the late David Nadel, Ashkenaz functions as a non-profit community center which offers world and folk music nearly every night of the week, as well as international and folk dance workshops, children's programs, an organic cafe, a great selection of beer and wine, and more.

GlobalFest is a one-night three-stage indoor world music festival that takes place each January in New York, New York. GlobalFest is presented by a conglomeration of some of New York City's top world music business people, and strives to present top-of-the-line world music artists that have been previously unknown in the United States.

Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival of Music & Dance
The Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival of Music and Dance, or GrassRoots for short, is one of the most established world music camping festivals in the Northeast. Annually, they present over 60 bands on four stages for four days.

How to Save Money at a Music Festival
Want to save money at the next music festival you attend? There's no reason not to try -- all it takes is a little bit of advance planning, and you can cut your music festival budget down substantially, while still having just as much fun as the next festivarian. Here are some ways you can slash your festival spending.

Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival of Music and Dance
The Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival of Music and Dance is a music festival that takes place twice a year in Silk Hope, North Carolina, near Chapel Hill. They showcase a wide variety of music, including World Music, folk music, blues and rock.

Falcon Ridge Folk Festival
This folk festival features mostly Anglo-American folk, but also will often feature a few bands from Celtic, Native American, Cajun or other World Traditions.

Must-See World Music at Festival International 2012
A quick guide to must-see world music artists performing at Festival International de Louisiane 2012 -- print this out and take it with you!

Northeast World Music Festivals
The best music festivals in the Northeastern United States that feature World music.

Festival International de Louisiane 2011 Pictures
Festival International 2011 in pictures! See these photographs of various artists who performed at Festival International 2011, including Keb' Mo', Balkan Beat Box, The Duhks, Ramesha Master Drummers of Burundi, Maria de Barros, and more!

Festival International de Louisiane 2009 Photos
Photos from Festival International de Louisiane, 2009. Pictures of performers include Dobet Gnahore, Rupa and the April Fishes, Dengue Fever, Grupo Fantasma, Alpha Yaya Diallo, Walter Mouton, and more.

How to Make the Most out of the New Orleans Jazz Festival
Readers share their tips for making the most out of the New Orleans Jazz Festival. How to beat the heat, the best food, the best music, and more... get your Jazz Festival tips here!

What Are Your Tips for Taking Kids to Music Festivals - How Do You Ta…
Readers share their tips for taking kids to music festivals. What advice do you have for other people trying to take their kids to music festivals?

What is Your Music Festival Packing List - What to Pack for a…
What items are on your music festival packing list? What items do you consider essential when heading out to music festivals? See what your fellow readers have to say!

Best Places to See World Music in New York City - Where are the Best …
Readers share their favorite places to see world music in New York City. What is your favorite New York City world music venue?

Austin Reggae Festival
The Austin Reggae Festival, formerly the Bob Marley Festival, is an annual event held in Austin, Texas's Auditorium Shores in mid-April.

Ashkenaz is a non-profit community-owned bar and club in Berkeley, California, which is nationally recognized as presenting the finest bands in the world to a highly appreciative audience.

Saving Money at Music Festivals - Tips for Saving Money at Mu…
Readers share their tips for saving money at music festivals. Chime in and let us know your favorite strategies for festival frugality.

Artists Not to Miss at Festival International 2011
These ten artists are absolute must-sees at the 2011 Festival International de Louisiane, so don't miss them! Festival International runs from April 27-May 1 in Lafayette, Louisiana, and is a completely free street festival.

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