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Reggae & Caribbean Music

The reggae music of Jamaica and the Afro-Caribbean traditions of various other islands are some of the most popular genres of music in the world.
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All About Jamaican Music
Jamaican music is some of the most popular music in the world. Trailblazers like Bob Marley put the music of Jamaica on the map, but the history of Jamaican music is peppered with hundreds of amazing artists and dozens of amazing genres. Learn more about Jamaican music!

Essential Traditional Ska Music CDs
Traditional Jamaican ska music came about in the early 1960s. It was originally a blend of traditional Caribbean sounds (including mento and calypso ) and American R&B and soul. It was fast music, made for

5 Great Calypso Music Compilations
Calypso music, the African-rooted folk music of Trinidad and Tobago, has long been the soundtrack for the Carnival season on the islands, and its popularity has spread worldwide. Need some good calypso in your collection? Check out these excellent vintage calypso compilations.

Top Ten Books About Reggae and Jamaican Music
Listening to reggae music is, of course, deeply enjoyable, even for people who aren't from the Jamaican culture which created the genre. However, gaining some background of the genre can add important social context and reveal the personalities behind the music, thereby bringing a whole new depth to the reggae experience. From cas

10 Essential Reggae Classics
These ten classic songs are a must-have for any reggae music playlist. Are they on yours? If not, get them now!

Essential Bob Marley CDs
Every ska, rocksteady and reggae fan has at least one Bob Marley CD on their shelf, but if you're new to the genre, you might be confused as to where to start. These essential albums will help you build your Bob Marley library.

CDs for Bob Marley Fans
If you like the reggae music stylings of Bob Marley, check out some of these related reggae music artists. This list includes Bunny Wailer and Peter Tosh, who were part of The Wailers, Bob Marley's early rocksteady and reggae band, as well as artists like Justin Hinds, Burning Spear and Toots and the Maytals.

Reggae Music for Kids
Kids love a href="http://worldmusic.about.com/od/genres/p/Reggae.htm" reggae music /a . It's upbeat, danceable, and infectious... what's not to love from a child's (or adult's) standpoint? From the parent's side of things, reggae can be a bit tricky. With lyrics that address various less-than-child-friendly themes popping up all over the...

What is the Difference Between Ska and Reggae?
A reader wrote in to ask about the difference between ska and reggae. Read on and find out the answer!

Compas Music 101
Compas music, or Kompas music, is a genre of Haitian music that incorporates the classic beat of meringue (a Haitian variant of merengue) with Haitian Kreyol (Creole) lyrics and a modern twist. Compas is a popular modern Caribbean music that plays a major part in Carnival celebrations.

Roots Reggae 101
Roots reggae is a subgenre of reggae music, characterized by socially conscious and spiritual lyrics. Roots reggae peaked in the late 1960s with Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and their contemporaries, but there are still great artists recording roots reggae, and it remains popular among people who dislike the slack lyrics of modern dancehall.

Sunshine Reggae 101
Sunshine reggae is a subgenre of reggae music that focuses on positive messages and a light, tropical sound. It's generally considered to be music for tourists, but that's not to say that there aren't a lot of great artists making sunshine reggae. It's an easy-to-like genre for beginners that'll transport you to the islands, no matter what the...

Dancehall Music 101
Dancehall is a genre of Jamaican music that consists of a deejay rapping (or toasting) over a reggae-like beat (or riddim). Some of the more popular dancehall artists include Yellowman and King Jammy. Many music historians believe that dancehall is a predecessor to rap, with the toasting style brought to New York City by Jamaican immigrants.

Rocksteady 101
Rocksteady music is a derivative of ska music that became popular in Jamaica during the late 1960s, when reggae music was also becoming popular. Popular artists of the rocksteady era of jamaican music are Toots and the Maytals, Justin Hinds and the Dominoes and Alton Ellis.

Reggae Music - A Profile of the Genre
Reggae music is perhaps one of the best-known genres of world music, and was popularized in the United States in the 1960s by artists such as Bob Marley.

Chutney Music 101
Chutney music is a style of music that derives from a combination of calypso and soca music and Indian music. It was created by Indians in Trinadad and Tobago and is one of the world's most popular genres of music.

Soca Music 101
Soca music is a popular form of Caribbean music that comes out of the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. It is a blend of traditional Trinidadian Calypso and Indian rhythms.

Ska Music 101
Ska music is by far one of the most popular genres of world music. Ska music has been through several incarnations, from traditional Jamaican ska to second-wave two-tone ska and finally American third-wave ska, which fused ska and punk music.

Calypso Music 101
Calypso music is a genre of Caribbean music native to the island of Trinidad. Calypso music, like most genres of Caribbean music, is heavily rhythmic and has clever, catchy melodies and lyrics. Calypso music was made popular in the United States by Harry Belafonte.

Mento Music - The early folk music of Jamaica
Mento is the early "country" folk music of Jamaica, characterized by folk instruments, a reggae backbeat, and occasionally bawdy lyrics.

Gift Ideas for Reggae Music Fans
Does your Bob Marley-loving teenager have you stumped for gift ideas? Does your reggae fanatic best friend leave you mystified when it comes to present-buying? Or are you the reggae lover, looking for ideas for your own wish list? In any case, you'…

The Best Bob Marley Album of All Time - What is the Best Bob Marley A…
Readers Choose: What is the best Bob Marley album of all time? Of all the records Bob Marley released, which one do you consider the most essential? Which Bob Marley album could you not live without?

5 African Reggae CDs that Every Reggae Fan Should Own
Reggae was born in Jamaica (with African roots, of course) and took the world by storm. Some of the finest reggae ever made was by African artists -- here are some of those CDs to get your collection started right.

The Best Bob Marley Compilations
The five best compilations and collections of Bob Marley's music on the market.

Best Bob Marley Cover Song - What is Your Favorite Cover of a…
Readers share their favorite covers of Bob Marley songs. Most of Bob Marley's greatest songs have been covered in one way or another over the years; what is your favorite of these covers?

Best First Wave Ska CD - What is Your Favorite First Wave or Traditio…
What is your favorite first wave ska CD? Which band do you consider to be essential listening for ska music beginners? What ska CDs do you think are the very best?

Bob Marley's 10 Best Protest Songs
Bob Marley was well-known for his songs of protest and social change. Here are ten of his best.

Bob Marley's Best Love Songs
Bob Marley is generally best remembered for his songs about social justice and revolution, but his collection of love songs are equally worth remembering. From light and airy rocksteady tunes about teen romance to rich, intense

How and why did Bob Marley die?
Bob Marley died of cancer at age 36. Some controversy surrounds his death, though, as it seems that his cancer may have been curable. So why did Bob Marley die?

Top Ten Covers of Bob Marley Songs...
Bob Marley is one of the most covered musical artists in history, but very few non-reggae artists seem to cover his songs, and when they do, it's often unsuccessful. Occasionally, though, a gem has broken through, and the resulting song is pretty extraordinary. Here the ten best Bob Marley covers ever recorded by non-reggae artists.

Bob Marley and the Wailers Live Forever
Bob Marley and the Wailers Live Forever is a new release of Bob Marley's final concert, which took place at the Stanley Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA on September 23, 1980. The CD is made from Soundboard recordings, so the actual recording quality is excellent, and the Wailers were in outstanding form that night -- it's a special recording, for...

Jewish Reggae CDs and Artists
Like Matisyahu? Check out these other Jewish reggae artists.

Why Did Bob Marley Smoke Marijuana?
Why did Bob Marley smoke marijuana? As a rastafarian, Bob Marley used marijuana ("ganja" in Jamaican patois) as a religious sacrament. Marley was often photographed with a marijuana spliff in his mouth, but he did not regard its usage as something light, rather, as an important religious rite.

Top 10 Reggae Pop Hits
World Music and Pop Music are not mutually exclusive. This is a fun list of reggae or reggae-influenced tunes that hit the Top 10 Pop Music charts.

Bob Marley Trivia
Want to know some fun and interesting trivia about Bob Marley? Look no further for some fun facts about Bob Marley's life and music, and other Bob Marley trivia.

What is the Best Classic Reggae Song?
What is the Best Classic Reggae Song?

What Kinds of Music Come From the Caribbean?
Are you curious about what styles of music come from the Caribbean? Look here to learn more about some of the great genres that come from these islands.

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