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Funereal Bagpipes

A Member of NYFD's Emerald Society at a 9/11 Funeral

(c) Joe Raedie / Getty Images, 2001
Definition: "Bagpipe" is a general term for a group of musical instruments which are played by squeezing an air-filled bag, causing air to rush past a set of reeds. The bagpipes are found in many cultures, but are most commonly identified with the Scottish Highlands. The iconic image of a bagpiper is a kilted man in a tall hat, playing solo bagpipe on a hill. However, bagpipes were originally used to play dance music in many Celtic cultures.

Today, instruments in the bagpipe family are found in dozens of traditional genres of music, from Irish music to traditional Turkish music; from Galician Celtic music to Southern Asian music.
Also Known As: "the pipes", aerophones
Highland Bagpipes, Gaitas, Gaida, Northumbrian Smallpipes, Uilleann Pipes, Magyar Duda, Musette de Cour, Biniou, Mizwad
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