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Picture of a Bodhran and Tipper

(c) Stockbyte / Getty Images
Definition: A bodhran is a drum traditionally used in Irish music. It is believed by many that the bodhran is a descendant of ancient Celtic war drums. The bodhran consists of a circular wooden frame with a skin (or hide) stretched over it on one side. To play the bodhran, the drummer holds the instrument on one arm, with their hand touching the inside of the skin (this controls the tone), and the other hand holds a two-headed mallet (called a "tipper" or "cipin"). Occasionally, drummers play the bodhran with their hand instead of the tipper.
Pronunciation: Bow-rawn, roughly - bow as in "take a bow" and rawn, rhyming with pawn.
Also Known As: Irish frame drum
Common Misspellings: bohdran, budran, bodran, bodrahn
Irish bodhran champion Ivan Smyth performing "O'Keeffe's Slide" - Listen/Download
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