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Definition: A reel is a traditional dance tune type, commonly found in traditional Irish music, as well as traditional Scottish music, as well as other genres that were subsequently influenced by Irish or Scottish music.

The term "reel" may also refer to the dance itself, which is an important dance step in the repertoire of Irish stepdancers. Reel can also refer to a country dance that is performed in figures. The second meaning is more common in Scottish music, as well as American Southern old time music.

A reel is in 4/4 time (also known as common meter), but when sheet music is written out, reels are occasionally written in 2/2 time instead (also known as cut time, which simply emphasizes the beats in a different way and can emphasize liveliness). The accented beats in a reel are beats 1 and 3, and phrases are generally (but not always) repeated in eight-bar increments.
"Eoin Bear's Reel/Tune For Sharon/The Rossa Reel" - Solas, from the album For Love and Laughter (Listen/Download)
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