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Celtic Music - Irish - Scottish - Welsh - Breton

Many people are only familiar with Celtic music and dance based on what they've heard and seen in Riverdance. Discover how much more there is to the diverse musical traditions of the Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Breton and more!
  1. Irish Music Glossary (4)
  2. Irish Song Lyrics (67)

How to Build a Celtic Music Collection
Is your Celtic music collection much too small? Or perhaps it's just a bit neglected and droopy? Click here for some ideas to help you expand it and get you on the road to Celtic music superfandom (or, y'know, just pick a few new albums).

Irish Music 101
Irish music is one of the most popular forms of traditional music in the world. Irish music is unique in that it has remained popular and stayed relatively the same over hundreds of years, whereas other forms of traditional music have died out. Learn more about Irish music and the wonderful musicians who keep the tradition alive!

Irish Music Starter CDs
If you're looking to start a great Irish music collection, here are 10 great CDs to check out.

Contemporary Traditional Scottish Music That You Should Hear
Is "Contemporary Traditional" an oxymoron? Not in Scotland! There are tons of fantastic younger musicians carrying on the beautiful folk music of Scotland's diverse regions, and they're doing it with style! Check 'em out!

The Music of Cape Breton - Essential Starter CDs
Cape Breton Island, one of the most beautiful places in Canada, is part of Nova Scotia (Latin for "New Scotland"), and is arguably the Celtic music capital of North America. The island's residents are largely descended from Scottish settlers who were forced from their Highland homes during the Highland Clearances of the 18th and 19th centuries....

What is Your Favorite Irish Folksong?
What is your favorite Irish Folksong? Readers weigh in and tell us their favorite traditional Irish folksongs.

If You Like Celtic Woman...
If you like Celtic Woman, you know that they've only released a few studio albums, and you might be looking for some other artists who sound like Celtic Woman in one way or another. Check out these CDs by other Celtic women; you might just find a new favorite!

What Musical Instruments are Used in a Traditional Irish Music Group?
Learn about the types of musical instruments commonly seen in a traditional Irish music band or jam session.

Albums for Enya Fans
If you like Irish New Age Singer Enya, you might also like Loreena McKennitt, Sissel, Enigma and Maire Brennan, as well as some of these other New Age artists.

Who's Your Favorite Contemporary Traditional Scottish Band or Artist?
Our readers share their favorite contemporary traditional Scottish musicians, and give us some great listening ideas. Share your favorites!

Why are bagpipes a part of funerals, especially firefighter and police funerals?
Why are bagpipes customarily played at funerals of police officers, firefighters, soldiers and other state figures? What is the history of funeral bagpipes?

Celtic Music Christmas CDs
The Celtic lands are home to some of the most beautiful Christmas music in the world. These CDs span a wide breadth of styles of music, from traditional carols to modern Celtic-influenced compositions, and also span the Celtic lands, from Ireland to Scotland to Brittany and even to Cape Breton. Looking to add some Celtic flavor to your...

Where Can I Learn How To Riverdance?
"Riverdance" is a proprietary name of a Broadway show that toured nationally, gaining great popularity among Americans of all walks of life, many of whom wanted to learn how to "Riverdance".

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