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If You Like Celtic Woman...

a few more Celtic women who you might also enjoy


If you like Celtic Woman, you know that they've only released a few studio albums, and you might be looking for some other artists who sound like Celtic Woman in one way or another. Check out these CDs by other Celtic women; you might just find a new favorite!

Cherish the Ladies - 'Woman of the House'

(c) Rounder Records, 2005
If you like the sisterhood aspect of Celtic Woman, you might like the traditional Irish band Cherish the Ladies, who were Irish music's first all-female group. Cherish the Ladies remain unabashedly proud that they are as talented and as capable as their male counterparts, and this album is a fantastic showcase of their excellent musicianship, as well as lead singer Heidi Talbot's stunning vocals.
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Solas - 'For Love and Laughter'

(c) Compass Records, 2008
If you like it when Celtic Woman tackle traditional Irish songs, you might like this 2008 release from contemporary Irish band Solas. The songs they play are traditional or tradition-inspired, except for the occasional fun twist on a modern song (in this case, Rickie Lee Jones's "Sailor Song"). This album is the premiere album for Solas's new vocalist, Mairead Phelan, who could give any one of the Celtic Woman gals a run for their money.

Loreena McKennitt - 'An Ancient Muse'

(c) Quinlan Road Records, 2006
If you like Celtic Woman's explorations of their Celtic roots, you might like this album from Celtic-Canadian songstress Loreena McKennitt. To find and create the songs for this album, McKennitt traveled the world and visited with people from many different Celtic and pre-Celtic cultures. The result is simply beautiful, with a heavy dose of the ethereal sounds that McKennitt is known for.

The Corrs - 'Dreams'

(c) Rhino Records, 2007
If you like Celtic Woman's lush vocal harmonies, you might like this greatest hits album from Irish trad-pop group The Corrs. It's a family group, and the vocals are mainly handled by the three sisters, Andrea, Caroline, and Sharon. There's something special about sisters singing together; they always seem to find the most beautiful harmonies. This album is a fair bit poppier than other albums on this list (though it does still have lots of trad elements), so if the straight-up Irish stuff isn't your favorite, this might be the right choice for you.
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Karan Casey - 'Ships in the Forest'

(c) Compass Records, 2008
If you like Celtic Woman's intense, somber ballads, you might like this album from Irish singer Karan Casey, who has one of the most beautiful voices you'll ever hear. There are a few upbeat numbers on Ships in the Forest, but for the most part it's achingly sad, and equally sweet. The sparse instrumentation will be appealing to those who aren't huge fans of fiddles or accordions.

Enya - 'Watermark'

(c) Reprise Records, 1989
If you like Celtic Woman's version of the song "Orinoco Flow," you might like the original song, written and performed by Celtic/New Age artist Enya. Watermark was the album that broke Enya onto the world stage, and she has remained one of Ireland's most popular exports ever since.
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Moya Brennan - 'Signature'

(c) Sparrow Records, 2007
If you like Celtic Woman's contemporary take on traditional sounds, you might like Moya Brennan's edgy, forward-thinking Irish music sound. She's less exotic than Enya (who happens to be her sister), and bases her explorations fairly tightly around the sound of each song. The results are very modern and chic, but deeply rooted in Celtic traditions.
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Anuna - 'Essential Anuna'

(c) Koch Records, 2005
If you like Celtic Woman's classically-trained vocal sounds, you'll like the vocal group Anuna. Best known for their work on the original Riverdance, this elegant choir actually gave a couple of the Celtic Woman members their professional starts. They combine traditional Irish songs with a classical aesthetic, and achieve an extremely refined sound.
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Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh - 'Daybreak: Fainne an Lae'

(c) Compass Records, 2006
If you like Celtic Woman Orla Fallon's mellow vocals, you'll like Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh's rich contralto and her take on this beautiful collection of ballads. And don't be afraid - her name is relatively pronounceable, if you know how: MWEE-rin nik OWL-eeve.
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Natalie MacMaster - 'Yours Truly'

(c) Rounder Records, 2006
If you like Celtic Woman Mairead Nesbitt's fiery fiddling, you might also like the driving fiddle of Natalie MacMaster. MacMaster is actually from Cape Breton, Canada, a province with amazing Celtic history. MacMaster is of Scottish heritage, not Irish, but the styles are very similar. If you like Celtic fiddling in general, you'll have a hard time resisting this album's charms. On a random side-note, MacMaster bears a striking (though totally coincidental) resemblance to the anonymous curly-haired woman on the Celtic Woman album cover.
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