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2012 World Music at About.com Readers' Choice Awards Winners


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Luis Paniagua - 2012 World Music Torchbearer Award Winner
Luis Paniagua With Lyre

Luis Paniagua

Image Provided by Artist

Luis Paniagua has made it his life's work to keep alive some of the oldest known music in the world. He plays a number of ancient Mediterranean and Eastern musical instruments, including the Greek lyre (pictured here), the Indian sitar, and various other string and percussion instruments from around the globe. Using both his knowledge of composition and the existing archaeological evidence, Paniagua reconstructs truly ancient music -- that of Greece, Mesopotamia, and the Indus Valley, among others -- and, from it, creates modern compositions. It's fascinating, beautiful music, and really worth seeking out. Paniagua lives in Andalusia in Southern Spain and tours both throughout Spain and internationally.

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