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Traditional Cajun Mardi Gras Musician Pictures


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The Faquetigue Mardi Gras Run Stops at Dennis McGee's Grave
Traditional Cajun Mardi Gras Musician Pictures

Musicians Perform at Dennis McGee's Grave on Mardi Gras

(c) Megan Romer, 2009
Traditional Cajun Mardi Gras runs take place throughout Southwest Louisiana, and each run, or "courir," has its own unique traditions.

The Faquetigue Mardi Gras was started by a group of musicians in a small town outside of Eunice, Louisiana, as an alternative to the main Eunice courir. It has become one of the most music-based Cajun Mardi Gras runs, to the point where the vast majority of the participants are musicians or dancers. The Faquetigue Mardi Gras course goes past the cemetery where legendary Cajun fiddle player Dennis McGee is buried. The run stops at his grave, and musicians play a few songs in his honor, and a prayer is said. It's a somber and beautiful moment in a wild and crazy day, and makes that particular courir very special for those who love traditional Cajun music.
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