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Putumayo Presents Acoustic Africa

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


Putumayo Presents Acoustic Africa
(c) Putumayo Records, 2006

The Bottom Line

Putumayo Presents Acoustic Africa is a soothing and sumptuous collection of acoustic songs by many of Africa's greatest stars, including Angelique Kidjo and Habib Koite. The artists come from all around Africa, and among the 12 songs, 9 countries are represented. The songs are mostly quiet and relaxing, though heavily rhythmic. Stunning vocals are consistent throughout the album.
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  • A nice Pan-African selection of artists and styles.
  • Tied together with soft, elegant compositions and performances.


  • Like most Putumayo compilations, the CD is rather short (only 45 minutes long).


  • A perfect CD for introducing Classical music fans to African music.
  • A quiet, delicate and wistful listening experience.
  • The excellent liner notes are highly informative and add a lot.

Guide Review - Putumayo Presents Acoustic Africa

Putumayo came through again with this remarkable collection of acoustic songs from some of Africa's greatest musicians. Among the well-known musicians are Benin's Angelique Kidjo, Mali's Habib Koite and Cesaria Evora protege, Cape Verdean Gabriela Mendes.

While the tracks from Kidjo, Koite and Mendes are absolutely lovely, the real standout songs on Acoustic Africa were from musicians who I was not previously familiar with. The opening song, "Sore" from Senegal's Diogal is so alluring that I had a hard time moving on to the next song. Other standout tracks include Vusi Mahlasela's "Basimanyana", with its almost Bach-esque melody and Manecas Costa's heartbreaking ballad "Antonia".

September 5, 2006
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