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Putumayo Presents Paris

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Putumayo Presents Paris
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The Bottom Line

I'm personally a fiend for Paris. I love croissants and hot, dark coffee, I love the French language, the art, but I especially love Parisian music. This pleasant album transplanted me right back to the city of lights, and, honestly, I couldn't stop listening.
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  • Warm and sexy songs take you straight to the Paris Cafe of your dreams.


  • Just over 42 minutes of music leaves me wanting more.


  • Chanson, the music of 1960s Paris, is making a major comeback - and this is the proof!
  • Despite an obvious nod to the previous generation, these artists are fresh and exciting.
  • The perfect accompaniment to a cafe-croissant brunch.

Guide Review - Putumayo Presents Paris

Putumayo World Music makes compilation records from various cultures and genres of music from around the world. Sometimes they're spot-on, and sometimes not so much. This one, happily, is one of the former. Putumayo Presents Paris highlights some of the great artists of the nouvelle scene of Paris chanson, sexy cafe music inspired by musette, jazz and swing. Chanson was pioneered by people like Serge Gainsbourg in the '60s, and it is becoming hip once again. Very hip.

Highlights on this album include supermodel Carla Bruni's breakthrough hit "Quelqu'un M'a Dit", a bittersweet love song penned by Bruni herself. Also notable is Coralie Clement's contribution, "Samba De Mon Coeur Qui Bat" and the sultry gypsy-esque "Lettre A P...", from Paris Combo, as well as the accordion-fueled "Ta P'tite Flamme", by Amelie-Les-Crayons.

If you need a CD to play during a brunch or dinner party, you can't go wrong with this one, most everyone can agree on this collection of provocative French ballads... and they really bring out the flavor in a steaming espresso drink and a nice pastry.

April 18, 2006
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