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African Music

Africa is a huge continent made up of hundreds of different ethnic groups, all of whom create their own unique musical styles. From the Sahara to South Africa, find it here.
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Top 10 African Music Starter CDs
Africa is a huge continent made up of hundreds of different tribes of people. When first starting to explore the music of Africa, it can be quite overwhelming! Here are some CDs from different cultures and regions of Africa to get you started.

Afrobeat 101
What is Afrobeat music? Learn more about this amazing genre of African music and those who created it, including the inimitable Fela Kuti.

5 African Reggae CDs that Every Reggae Fan Should Own
Reggae's popularity in Africa should come as no surprise, despite the fact that it was born in Jamaica: everything from the rhythm to the themes of the lyrics are African in ancestry. Here are some great African Reggae CDs to get your collection started.

Music From Mali - 10 Essential Starter CDs
Mali is well-known in the world music community as being a prolific producer of amazing music. These ten great CDs will get your Malian music collection started nicely.

South African Gospel Starter CDs
Need some soul-stirring South African gospel to add to your musical mix? These 10 CDs, some from individual artists and some compilations, are a great place to start.

Kenyan Music Playlist
The music of Kenya is both diverse and inclusive. People of the Kikuyu, Luhya, Luo, Kalenjin, Kamba, Kisii, Meru, Swahili, and Maasai cultures, as well as hundreds of smaller tribes, make up the local population. There's also a substantial international population, though, who have migrated to Kenya over hundreds of years to work in Nairobi,...

Rai Music 101
Rai Music is a popular form of world music from Algeria. Rai music sounds much like pop music, but with Arabic and French musical influences.

Desert Blues Playlist
The Sahara desert - a land of nomadic peoples - is the source of one of the most exciting movements in world music in recent history. With its cyclical connection to American blues, these blues have deep roots in the desert sand.

10 Arabic Music Starter CDs
The world of Arabic music encompasses a huge variety of music both modern and ancient, and from folk, pop, and classical traditions. Arabic music can be a beautiful and compelling window into Arabic culture, so if you're not familiar with it, here are 10 great CDs from a variety of genres to get your collection started.

What is a Griot?
Those learning about West African music for the first time might find themselves running across the term "griot" a lot, and wonder what exactly it means. In short, a griot is a living library. Read on to learn more!

FELA! is a musical that debuted on Broadway in the Fall of 2009. It is based on the life of Nigerian musician and political revolutionary Fela Anikulapo Kuti, told in a first-person narrative style, staged as a concert at Kuti's Lagos nightclub, Shrine.

Top 10 African CDs of 2007
2007 was a great year for new African music - so great, in fact, that it was almost overwhelming. Narrowing the dozens of amazing African CDs that I heard this year was tough, but these ten were the real standouts.

Top Five Jeli Kora Players
The top five jeli, or griot, kora players in the world.

The African Music Encyclopedia
The African Music Encyclopedia is a great web source for those interested in all genres of African music, from descriptions of styles and instrumentation to profiles of artists.

Afropop Worldwide
The internet home of the wonderful and popular syndicated NPR program "Afropop Worldwide" is a treasure trove of information about the genre and the people who make it.

Your Favorite CDs From Mali - Readers Share
Tell us your favorite CD or artist from Mali!

Top African Music Starter CDs
These CDs will make a great beginning to your African music collection. They represent a wide variety of styles and genres and will be just the thing you need to get you started.

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