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World Music For Beginners

The world is a big place, and world music can be very overwhelming for those who aren't sure where to start. Find basic information here to help you on your exploration.
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World Music Trends to Watch -- Our Readers Share Their Picks
Which world music trends do you predict we'll soon see more of? Let us know, and see what other readers have to say!

The Best 12 World Music CDs of 2012
World music critic Megan Romer's picks for the Best 12 of '12 in World Music. Picks include CDs from Mali, Cape Breton Island, France, Jamaica, Iran, and more!

World Music Trends to Watch for in 2013
Check out some of our predictions for the major trends that will hit the world music scene in 2013.

The Best World Music CDs of 2011
2011 was a great year for world music. With monster releases from world music mainstays and some excellent breakthroughs from lesser-known artists, it was a great year to be a listener, that's for sure. Read on for my favorite world music CDs from 2011.

World Music Basics
Get started and learn the basics of world music! World music encompasses many genres and styles of music, from traditional to modern, folk to pop. Learn about the common threads between genres of world music and find ideas for getting your world music collection started.

Ways to Find New World Music to Listen To
Looking for new world music to incorporate into your collection? There are lots of helpful resources to get you started.

What Does "World Music" Mean?
How would you define "world music?" What does that phrase, as a genre name, encompass in your mind?

Best World Music Albums for Children - What are the Best World Music …
World music tends to be surprisingly accessible for children (they're often more open-minded than adults!) but lots of phenomenal albums have been released specifically for kids, and several world music record labels (such as Putumayo) have specific children's music imprints. So what are your family's favorite world music albums? Share, and...

World Music for Relaxation and Meditation
In this hectic world, relaxation can be hard to find. If you need some music to help you relax or to help you center your body and mind while meditating, these ten great CDs from many different cultures should help you do just that!

What World Music Should I Put Into My Pandora Station?
A variety of suggestions to help you get your Pandora station populated with great music, from recent releases to classic tunes, and from artists from genres all over the world.

10 Scary World Music Songs
These ten songs come from all over the world but share one thing in common: in one way or another, they're spooky! From a funny Jamaican zombie song to a creepy Swedish werewolf ballad to a frightening composition based on Chinese exorcism rituals, this list should both scare and delight you!

How To Get Your Kids Thinking About World Music
Critical music listening skills are essential for world music fans of any age. Help your children (or your students) learn how to think about music and how to "feel the music" with these tips.

Put Together a World Music Literacy Kit for Kids
Get some tips for what to put in a world music literacy kit for kids: perfect for libraries, classrooms, or even your home!

Music Voyager - A World Music TV Show
Music Voyager is a world music and travel television show making its debut on PBS stations across the US in February 2010. Hosted by Putumayo World Music and Cumbancha Records exec Jacob Edgar, Music Voyager takes viewers to far-flung locations to hear many genres of world music in a home-turf context.

Modern Yoga Music
For many of us, music is essential to a great yoga practice -- it helps us focus, provides motivation, and generally makes the whole thing more enjoyable. Unfortunately, much of the yoga music on the market is cheesy and barely-listenable. What's a music snob to do? Look no further -- these great modern yoga CDs will soundtrack any flow nicely.

The Best World Music Concert I've Ever Seen
Live music is always unique and special, but sometimes there are particularly thrilling concerts that stand out above all the others. Many factors align to make those moments truly special: the location, the timing, the company of friends and family or complete strangers who you're with, and naturally, the artists themselves. Of course,...

Busting World Music Myths - Misconceptions About World Music
World Music is often dismissed as simply not cool enough, fun enough, or glamorous enough for average people to listen to. We world music listeners, however, know better than that! Let's bust some of these world music myths!

World Music Songs for Mothers
It should be no surprise that Mothers are one of the most popular subjects for songwriters around the world. From folk songs to modern songs, here's a playlist about Moms, by artists from around the world.

World Music Songs for Weddings
World music fans often find themselves in a bit of a jam when they're planning the music for their wedding - they want to express their unique taste in music, but also want to keep the music sweet and romantic. These ten songs will surely add a touch of romance, as well as some fabulous global flavor, to your wedding.

World Music Albums for Children
Tired of the same old children's music albums? Check out some of these unique world music albums that are either made for children or are appropriate for children. Expose your kids to new cultures with world music!

World Music Myths
World Music fans are all hippies. World Music isn't sexy. World Music is weird and hard to listen to. World Music is all in foreign languages. Sound familiar? Time to debunk world music myths!

World Music Songs About Barack Obama
In the months preceding the 2008 U.S. Presidential Elections , Barack Obama has become something of a phenomenon in the international community. From Jamaica to Africa, as well as throughout the United States, songs about Barack Obama have been emerging. These are s

Methods of Organizing Your World Music CD Collection
World music fans have, in my completely unscientific estimation, larger record and CD collections than anyone other than jazz aficionados (or even worse - fans of world music and jazz), and because the average world music fan has extremely broad taste, those records can be extremely difficult to organize. Additionally, most world music fans that I know absolutely refuse to get rid of thei…

What is "World Beat"?
World Beat is a name given to genre-bending world music by corporate executives.

I'd like to check out some world music, but I don't know where to start!
Where should one begin looking when starting to delve into the mighty genre that is world music?

What is the difference between World Music, Folk Music, Latin Music and Jazz?
It can be hard to tell what the differences are between World Music, Folk Music, Latin Music, Jazz and Blues.

What is World Music?
What exactly does the phrase "world music" mean?

Putumayo Christmas CDs
Putumayo World Music is known for producing gorgeous Christmas albums (among other outstanding compilations). Need help deciding which one to pick up for your stocking this year? Here's a guide!

Top 10 World Music CDs of 2008
2008 was a great year for world music, with a lot of amazing CDs coming from countries who are always top producers (Mali, France, India, etc.), and some great representation from countries we don't hear nearly enough of (Haiti and Belize, for example). It also happened to be an especially good year for the ladies, with powerful female-led...

World Music Christmas Albums
Are you going to snap if you have to hear "Jingle Bell Rock" one more time? Yeah, me too. Luckily, there are dozens of fabulous world music artists who have released Christmas albums that are completely different from any of the standard fare.

World Music Gift Ideas for the Hard to Shop For
We all have a few people in our lives who qualify as impossible to shop for. They either have everything, have insanely picky taste, or are just generally enigmatic. Some of these world music gifts might do the trick for them, though. CD recommendations, book recommendations and more for the hard to shop for people in your life.

World Music Gift Alternatives
Instead of giving the same old gifts you always give, try these world music gift alternatives. Give CDs instead of candles, better magazine subscriptions, and more.

Readers Share: What Was Your Favorite World Music CD of 2012
Our readers tell us which world music CD from 2012 they liked best. Chime in and tell us your favorite!

How Can I Get My Children Into World Music?
Tips and tricks for getting your kids to listen to (and enjoy) music from around the world.

The Best World Music CDs for Relaxing and Meditating
Our readers share their opinions on the best world music CDs for relaxation and meditation. Jump in and share your thoughts!

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