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World Music: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Why Did Bob Marley Smoke Weed?
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Why Did Bob Marley Die at 36?
Bob Marley died of cancer at age 36. Some controversy surrounds his death, though, as it seems that his cancer may have been curable. So why did Bob Marley die?
How Many Children Did Bob Marley Have?
Bob Marley had both adopted and biological children with several partners, but how many were there in total?
A Beginner's Guide to the Life of Bob Marley
Bob Marley was undoubtedly the most influential Jamaican musician of all time. His popularity was widespread, and continues to be so, 25 years after his death. Learn more about this legend of reggae music.
Do You Know the Difference Between a Fiddle and...
What's the difference between a fiddle and a violin? Well, as the old joke would have it,
Reggae Music 101
Reggae music, Jamaica's best-known export, is a genre that got its start in Kingston in the 1960s, and was brought to popularity by artists like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh
The Cajun Mardi Gras Song
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11 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a...
Many adults would like to learn to play a musical instrument, but aren't sure where to start or how to choose which instrument to play. There are lots of factors to take into consideration when choosing a new musical instrument. Here are some things that can help you choose a musical instrument to play and enjoy for years!
What Is Rastafarianism and How Did It Influence...
Learn more about the Rastafarian religious beliefs and practices of reggae legend Bob Marley.
Cajun Mardi Gras Celebrations
The Cajun Mardi Gras celebrations in Southwest Louisiana are entirely different than the big-city bacchanalia of New Orleans celebrations. Learn more about Cajun Mardi Gras and the ancient traditions that it is based on.
Jamaican Music: From Mento to Ska, Rocksteady...
Jamaican music is some of the most popular music in the world. Trailblazers like Bob Marley put the music of Jamaica on the map, but the history of Jamaican music is peppered with hundreds of amazing artists and dozens of amazing genres. Learn more about Jamaican music!
Zydeco Music 101
Zydeco music, and its close relative, Cajun music, is one of the most exciting and vibrant genres of world music in the world. Zydeco is the bluesy, highly syncopated music of the French speaking Creole people of Southwest Louisiana. Learn more about Zydeco!
Bob Marley Trivia
Want to know some fun and interesting trivia about Bob Marley? Look no further for some fun facts about Bob Marley's life and music, and other Bob Marley trivia.
What is the difference between Cajun Music and...
: What is the difference between Cajun Music and Zydeco? : Many people, when hearing Louisiana-style
Why Are Bagpipes Played at Police and...
Why are bagpipes customarily played at funerals of police officers, firefighters, soldiers and other state figures? What is the history of funeral bagpipes?
Romance, Reggae Style: Bob Marley's 10 Best...
Bob Marley is best-known for his songs about social issues, peace, justice, and revolution, but Bob Marley also wrote and performed dozens of beautiful love songs. Read on for some of the best love songs that Bob Marley ever wrote.
10 Iconic French Songs
These well-known gems of vintage French pop music, like Coco Chanel's little black dress, are perennially chic, and they go with everything.
Bob Marley's Ten Best Protest Songs
Bob Marley was well-known for his songs of protest and social change. Here are ten of his best.
What is the Difference Between Ska and Reggae?
A reader wrote in to ask about the difference between ska and reggae. Read on and find out the answer!
What Musical Instruments are Used in a...
Learn about the types of musical instruments commonly seen in a traditional Irish music band or jam session.
Essential Bob Marley CDs
Every ska, rocksteady and reggae fan has at least one Bob Marley CD on their shelf, but if you're new to the genre, you might be confused as to where to start. These ten must-have albums will help you build your library properly.
Edith Piaf's 10 Greatest Songs
Edith Piaf recorded masterpiece after masterpiece from the beginning of her career to the end, and nearly
5 African Reggae CDs that Every Reggae Fan...
Though reggae initiated in Jamaica, its sound is decidedly rooted in African rhythms. Thus, it's no surprise that reggae is wildly popular in Africa, and that dozens of African reggae artists have contributed to the development of the genre. Here are some great CDs to get your African reggae collection started.
The Best Bob Marley Compilations
The five best compilations and collections of Bob Marley's music on the market.
Music for Mardi Gras
Need some music for your Mardi Gras Celebration? Look no further -- these Mardi Gras playlists include classic jazz, rock, New Orleans Mardi Gras music, and even Cajun and Zydeco Music. Laissez les bons temps rouler!
Au Clair de la Lune Lyrics and Translation
Au Clair de la Lune is an early French folksong, which dates back to at least the mid-18th century. The earliest known recording of the human voice is of an unknown woman singing Au Clair de la Lune.
Ziggy Marley
Ziggy Marley was born to Bob and Rita Marley in 1968, and grew up to become a successful reggae musician in his own right.
What Kinds of Music Come From the Caribbean?
Are you curious about what styles of music come from the Caribbean? Look here to learn more about some of the great genres that come from these islands.
Ska Music 101
Ska music is by far one of the most popular genres of world music. Ska music has been through several incarnations, from traditional Jamaican ska to second-wave two-tone ska and finally American third-wave ska, which fused ska and punk music.
Lucky Dube (Reggae): Biography and Career Profile
Lucky Dube was a pioneer of reggae music in his native South Africa. Lucky Dube followed in the footsteps of Jamaican legends like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, with direct influences from his African roots.
Top 10 Things To Bring To A Music Festival
New to music festivals? Been going to them for awhile, but still think your stay could be more comfortable? Use this handy checklist to remind yourself of things you need to make your music festival experience the best it can be.
Which Musical Instruments are Used in a Cajun...
A description of the different musical instruments found in a traditional Cajun music band and their roles.
Peter Tosh
Peter Tosh was one of the original members of legendary reggae band The Wailers, along with Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer. Though a Rastafarian like Marley, Peter Tosh became known for the militant nature of his reggae songs, which were in clear contrast to Marley's
Klezmer Music 101
Klezmer music is the traditional secular music of Ashkenazi and Hasidic Jews. It is characterized by use of the accordion, fiddle and clarinet and is often played at Jewish weddings.
5 Essential Gregorian Chant Starter CDs
Gregorian Chant, a form of devotional plainsong that's been part of the Christian tradition for nearly 2000 years, is among the oldest forms of traditional Christian music. This simple, intense music has regained popularity in the past couple of decades, gaining particular popularity among Christians seeking music for meditation and prayer. To begin your own collection, start with these five essential Gregorian Chant CDs!
Quotes From Bob Marley Songs -- Religion and...
A collection of quotations from songs written by Bob Marley on the subjects of religion and spirituality, and more specifically, Rastafarianism.
10 Essential Reggae Classics
Think you're a reggae fan? If you don't have these ten classics in your collection, you'd better think again... or at least load them into your iPod quickly, before anyone notices that they're not there. From international hits to influential Rastafarian anthems, these ten songs are crucial pieces of any reggae collection.
Essential Flamenco Starter CDs
Want to build up a collection of flamenco music? Start with these ten great discs from artists both classic and contemporary.
Which Bob Marley Album Should I Buy First?
A reader wrote in to ask a simple question: if I were to buy just one Bob Marley album, which one should it be? Which should I buy first?
The fiddle is by far one of the most popular instruments in ethnic music throughout the world. The fiddle's portability and small size, as well as its voice-like sound, has made it travel throughout the world. Fiddle music is, almost always, music for dancing.
If You Like Enya...
If you like Irish New Age Singer Enya, you might also like Loreena McKennitt, Sissel, Enigma and Maire Brennan, as well as some of these other New Age artists.
Polka Music 101
Polka music is a form of European dance music which originated in what is now the Czech Republic. It migrated to the United States with Eastern European immigrants and remains quite popular in areas of the Midwest and Great Lakes Region.
The accordion is one of the best-known world music instruments, and people tend to love it or hate it. Learn more about the history of accordions, how accordions work and what genres of music feature the accordion.
Irish Music 101
Irish music is one of the most popular forms of traditional music in the world. Irish music is unique in that it has remained popular and stayed relatively the same over hundreds of years, whereas other forms of traditional music have died out. Learn more about Irish music and the wonderful musicians who keep the tradition alive!
Portuguese Fado - 10 Starter CDs
Fado is Portugal's answer to jazz -- an urban genre of folk music that sprang up in a port city where folks from many walks of life and ethnic backgrounds intermingled. It's beautiful and sad and absolutely worth your time to explore. Here are some CDs to get you started.
Traditional Cajun Mardi Gras Musician Pictures
Music is an integral part of traditional Cajun Mardi Gras Celebrations , and the Cajun lifestyle in general.
Calypso Music 101
Calypso music is a genre of Caribbean music native to the island of Trinidad. Calypso music, like most genres of Caribbean music, is heavily rhythmic and has clever, catchy melodies and lyrics. Calypso music was made popular in the United States by Harry Belafonte.
Dancehall Music 101
Dancehall is a genre of Jamaican music that consists of a deejay rapping (or toasting) over a reggae-like beat (or riddim). Some of the more popular dancehall artists include Yellowman and King Jammy. Many music historians believe that dancehall is a predecessor to rap, with the toasting style brought to New York City by Jamaican immigrants.
How Did Edith Piaf Die?
Edith Piaf's life was cut tragically short at the age of 47, but her death was shrouded in mystery and the cause is somewhat disputed.
Beyond Bob Marley: More Great Early Reggae CDs
If you like the reggae music stylings of Bob Marley, check out some of these related reggae music artists. This list includes Bunny Wailer and Peter Tosh, who were part of The Wailers, Bob Marley's early rocksteady and reggae band, as well as artists like The Mighty Diamonds, Burning Spear and Toots and the Maytals.
Top Ten Covers of Bob Marley Songs...
Bob Marley is one of the most covered musical artists in history, but very few non-reggae artists seem to cover his songs, and when they do, it's often unsuccessful. Occasionally, though, a gem has broken through. Here are the Top Ten covers of Bob Marley songs done by non-reggae artists.
The Wearing of the Green
The Wearing of the Green is a favorite traditional Irish folksong, one that speaks of revolution. Dating back to at least the Irish Rebellion of 1798, when wearing the color green (or a shamrock in one's hat) was an act punishable by hanging.
World Musical Instruments That Every Family...
If you're looking to start a great musical instrument collection for your kids (or the whole family!), these ten relatively simple and fairly cheap instruments from around the world will get you started nicely.
"Danny Boy" - Lyrics and History
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > Essential Recordings of "Danny Boy": Tommy
South African Gospel Starter CDs
Need some soul-stirring South African gospel to add to your musical mix? Look here!
Cajun and Zydeco Mardi Gras Songs
Need some Cajun music and zydeco songs to soundtrack your Mardi Gras celebration? Look no further -- this playlist includes classic and modern Mardi Gras themed songs from leading and legendary Cajun and zydeco artists like The Balfa Brothers, Buckwheat Zydeco, Clifton Chenier, and the Pine Leaf Boys. Laissez les bons temps rouler!
I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen
Learn more about the history of this public domain song, written by Thomas Paine Westendorf, which has found a home in the Irish music repertoire despite its American origins.
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Quick Biography:
Classical Indian Music 101
The two main genres of classical Indian music are Carnatic music, from Southern India, and Hindustani music, from Northern India. Both use systems of ragas and talas to create a sound that is quite different from western music.
Learn About Irish Music with These 10 Albums
The musical traditions of Ireland are among the world's most beloved. If you're a beginner to the genre, check out these wonderful Irish music starter CDs!
When I Was Single
When I Was Single is a traditional Irish folksong popularized by Tommy Makem. When I Was Single is a humorous look at the difference between a courting relationship and a married one.
"Whiskey in the Jar"
The Story Behind "Whiskey in a Jar": "Whiskey in a Jar," one of the best known traditional Irish vocal
Rocksteady 101
Rocksteady music is a derivative of ska music that became popular in Jamaica during the late 1960s, when reggae music was also becoming popular. Popular artists of the rocksteady era of jamaican music are Toots and the Maytals, Justin Hinds and the Dominoes and Alton Ellis.
Quotes From Bob Marley Songs -- Love,...
A collection of quotations drawn from Bob Marley's song lyrics, focusing on love, family, and relationships.
Quotes From Bob Marley Songs -- Politics and...
A collection of quotes on the topics of social justice, politics, and revolution, selected from songs written and performed by Bob Marley.
Learn More About the Tragic Life of Edith Piaf
Edith Piaf is considered by many to be the greatest French singer of all time. Her tragic life is shrouded in mystery and legend -- learn more about it here!
Jamaican Mento Music 101
Mento music emerged as a distinct style of Jamaican music in the early part of the 1900s, although its roots run much deeper.
Music From Mali - 10 Essential Starter CDs
Mali is well-known in the world music community as being a prolific producer of amazing music. These ten great CDs will get your Malian music collection started nicely.
Uilleann Pipes
Learn more about these traditional Irish bagpipes, how they're played, and how they fit into the sound of Irish music.
Calypso Rose Biography
Calypso Rose is one of the Caribbean's best-known female singers and an ambassador of Trinidadian Calypso. Learn more about this fabulous singer!
Compas Music 101
Compas music, or Kompas music, is a genre of Haitian music that incorporates the classic beat of meringue (a Haitian variant of merengue) with Haitian Kreyol (Creole) lyrics and a modern twist. Compas is a popular modern Caribbean music that plays a major part in Carnival celebrations.
The Spinning Wheel
Background of John Francis Waller's 19th century folk song.
How To Make the Most Out of a Music Festival
There are few better ways to experience live music than through a music festival. Here are some tips to make your music festival experience the best it can be.
Kenyan Music Playlist
Kenyan music is very diverse, much like the country of Kenya. This Kenyan music playlist highlights some of the different sounds that make up Kenya's musical soundscape.
Castanets, with their characteristic clack-clack-clack, are a common and ancient member of the percussion family, best known for their use in Spanish folkloric dancing.
Introduction to Rai Music
Rai Music is a popular form of world music from Algeria. Rai music sounds much like pop music, but with Arabic and French musical influences.
Contemporary Traditional Scottish Music That...
Scotland is home to some of the world's most beautiful and timeless folk music, and the old traditions are continually being carried forward by a large number of wildly talented young musicians. Check out some of this amazing new-old folk music from Scotland!
Pan Pipes
The pan pipes, and instruments very similar to them, are among the oldest known musical instruments. Their allure is timeless, and they're still played in contemporary and traditional music around the world.
The Rising of the Moon
Learn more about this song that tells of the Rebellion of 1798.
A sitar is a stringed instrument used in Indian Classical Music. The sitar has also been used by western rock musicians such as the Beatles. Learn more about the sitar!
Dear Old Skibbereen
History and Lyrics: "Dear Old Skibbereen" is a traditional Irish folk song written sometime after the
Learn more about this musical instrument that is found in several African cultures as well as the Caribbean.
If You Like Edith Piaf, You Might Like...
If you like Edith Piaf, take a step further and dig into some other classic French music
Toasting is a style of lyrical chanting which, in Jamaican and other African-inspired musical traditions, involves a deejay chanting over a rhythm. Toasting, as it is used in dancehall music, was the predecessor to modern rap and hip-hop.
The Real Old Mountain Dew
The Real Old Mountain Dew is a traditional Irish drinking song with lyrics that were originally penned by one Samuel Lover. The song is about drinking poitin (also known as poteen), a strong home-stilled Irish liquor.
World Music Myths - Busted!
World Music fans are all hippies. World Music isn't sexy. World Music is weird and hard to listen to. World Music is all in foreign languages. Sound familiar? Time to debunk world music myths!
Top Ten Books About Reggae and Jamaican Music
The best books about reggae and Jamaican music. From biographies to cultural studies, coffee table books to collections of essays, these books cover everything the avid reggae fan needs to know about the genre and its history.
Top 10 Traditional Cajun Music Starter CDs
In order to truly understand Cajun music, it's best to listen to some of the trailblazers of the genre. Here are ten great Cajun cds to get you started.
Essential Traditional Ska Music CDs
Though ska music experienced a resurgence in the 1990s, when it was fused with rock and punk, ska experienced its first wave in Jamaica in the 1960s. Traditional ska music is a combination of Jamaican mento with the then-modern sounds of American R&B and soul. Check out some CDs by the best artists from that time period, and discover an important turning point in Jamaican musical history.
Native American Flute Music Starter CDs
These eleven great CDs from Native North American flute masters are guaranteed to soothe, stimulate, and most importantly, open up a window to a beautiful ancient musical tradition.
Red is the Rose
Background: "Red is the Rose" is a traditional Irish ballad of unknown origin. It's sung to the same
Do You Want Your Old Lobby Washed Down
Do You Want Your Old Lobby Washed Down - Lyrics and History of an Irish Music Folksong
The oud (or ud) is one of the oldest stringed instruments in existence, and is still regularly played today. The oud is an ancestor of the lute, and subsequently of the mandolin and guitar.
Top 10 World Music Clubs in New York City
World music is not hard to come by in New York, and here are 10 of the best places to catch your favorite live performers and world music DJs in the city!
Filmi Music 101 - the Music of Bollywood Films
Bollywood films are grand spectacles that feature large filmi music and dance numbers and melodramatic plotlines. Filmi music, the correct name for the music of Bollywood films, has become some of the most popular music in the world, and certain filmi singers, such as legend Asha Bhosle, have become well-known outside of the Bollywood arena for their talents.
Courtin' in the Kitchen
Courtin' in the Kitchen is a humorous old Irish folksong which tells of a scandal that took place in Captain Kelly's kitchen.
Quotes From Bob Marley Songs -- Music, Dance,...
A collection of quotations from Bob Marley's song lyrics, on the theme of music, dancing, partying, and fun!
10 Arabic Music Starter CDs
The world of Arabic music encompasses a huge variety of music both modern and ancient, and from folk, pop, and classical traditions. Arabic music can be a beautiful and compelling window into Arabic culture, so if you're not familiar with it, here are 10 great CDs from a variety of genres to get your collection started.
Tin Whistle
The tin whistle is a simple traditional woodwind instrument that is commonly found in Irish music and other genres of Celtic music. The tin whistle is also called a penny whistle and, despite its simplicity, can be played with a great deal of nuance and dynamics by great players.
Oumou Sangare
Oumou Sangare is an African musician of Wassoulou descent. Born in the southern region of Mali, Oumou Sangare has become one of the best-known Wassoulou musicians in the world, and one of Mali's favorite daughters.
Tips for Taking Kids to Music Festivals
Bringing children along to festivals can be a fun, and relatively inexpensive, way to spend a long summer weekend. Following these simple tips, though, will make the music festival much more fun for both you and your kids. Before you take your children to a music festival, read on!
The Connemara Cradle Song
The Connemara Cradle Song is an old Irish folksong. The Connemara Cradle song has a beautiful melody and soothing lyrics about the ocean, making it both a sea shanty and a lullaby.
The Minstrel Boy
The Minstrel Boy is an Irish folksong written by Thomas Moore. It was originally written in honor of his friends who died during the Irish Rebellion of 1798, and later gained popularity as a patriotic song for Irishmen worldwide, including Irish-American Civil War regiments. Learn more about the lyrics and history of The Minstrel Boy.
Reggae Music for Kids
Kids love reggae music. It's upbeat, fun, and great for dancing. However, it can sometimes be difficult to find reggae music that has lyrics appropriate for kids, or about themes that children can relate to. Look here for some reggae CDs that are specifically made for children and that kids of all ages can enjoy.
The Galway Piper
The Galway Piper, also known as Piping Tim, is a well-known Irish folksong whose origins are lost to history but whose melody still rings out in many a session.
The banjo is considered by some to be the only uniquely american musical instrument. Banjoes are descendants of African instruments, brought to America by slaves.
The Croppy Boy
Learn more about this sad old song, written about the Irish Rebellion of 1798.
Jimmy Cliff
Jimmy Cliff - Basic Biography: Jimmy Cliff was born James Chambers on April 1, 1948 in St. James Parish,
Nyabinghi Drumming
Nyabinghi drumming is a form of ritual drumming used for prayer and meditation in the Rastafarian religion. The rhythms of nyabinghi drumming, which come from African rhythms, are integral to the roots of ska and reggae music. Learn more about nyabinghi drumming!
Essential Zydeco Music Starter CDs
Zydeco is a vibrant genre of music created by the fusion of African, French, Spanish, Native American, and other international influences, all of which came together in Southwest Louisiana. Get to know zydeco music with some of these essential starter CDs.
Top 5 Jeli Kora Players
The top five jeli, or griot, kora players in the world.
The Rose of Tralee Lyrics and History
The Rose of Tralee is an Irish ballad written in the 1800s be either a William Mulchinock or a C. Mordaunt Spencer. It has become a favorite traditional song for Irish singers, and the Rose of Tralee festival, which is a sort of Irish personality and charm pageant (rather than beauty pageant), took its name from the song.
Soca Music 101
Soca music is a popular form of Caribbean music that comes out of the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Soca is a blend of traditional Trinidadian Calypso and Indian rhythms. Soca has both traditional and contemporary forms.
Essential Django Reinhardt Playlist
Django Reinhardt was a prolific songwriter and recording artist, and his timeless gypsy jazz music will never go out of style. This playlist covers some of Django Reinhardt's most essential songs, some which he composed himself, and some which he covered.
The Merry Ploughboy Lyrics and History
The Merry Ploughboy is a traditional Irish folksong that tells a story of the narrator joining the IRA. A popular revolutionary ballad, The Merry Ploughboy has been recorded by many bands and artists.
If You Like Celtic Woman...
Celtic Woman is a worldwide phenomenon that has, much as Riverdance once did, brought Irish music to the world stage. If you like Celtic Woman and need some ideas for more CDs that you might enjoy, check out this list, which includes artists like Enya, Karan Casey, Cherish the Ladies, and Loreena McKennitt, among others.
The didgeridoo is perhaps the oldest musical instrument from the wind family that exists. The didgeridoo is native to the Aboriginal peoples of Australia.
Cockles and Mussels, or Molly Malone
The Story of Cockles and Mussels and Molly Malone: "Cockles and Mussels," also called "Molly Malone,"
How To Get Your Kids Thinking About World Music
If you want to raise music-literate children who appreciate many genres and artists from around the globe, it's important to help them learn to think critically about music. Exposure to a wide variety of music is the beginning, of course, but getting them thinking about the music more deeply is a great way to help them really foster a deeper appreciation.
The Sash My Father Wore
The Sash My Father Wore is a Northern Irish folksong that tells of the many battles fought and won by the Orangemen, or Ulster Scots.
Modern Yoga Music
For many of us, music is essential to a great yoga practice -- it helps us focus, provides motivation, and generally makes the whole thing more enjoyable. Unfortunately, much of the yoga music on the market is cheesy and barely-listenable. What's a music snob to do? Look no further -- these great modern yoga CDs will soundtrack any flow nicely.
Finnegan's Wake
Finnegan's Wake, or Tim Finigan's Wake, is a comedic Irish folksong that tells the story of Tim Finnegan, who dies as a result of too much drink but, alas, is revived by the whisky at his own wake. Made famous by the Clancy Brothers but also recorded by dozens of other Irish Music artists, Finnegan's Wake is a favorite among fans of Irish music everywhere.
Day-O - The Banana Boat Song
The Banana Boat Song, also known as Day-O, is a traditional Jamaican mento song that was popularized by Calypso folksinger Harry Belafonte in the 1960s. Learn the lyrics and history of the Banana Boat Song!
5 Great Calypso Music Compilations
Calypso music, the African-rooted folk music of Trinidad and Tobago, has long been the soundtrack for the Carnival season on the islands, and its popularity has spread worldwide. Need some good calypso in your collection? Check out these excellent vintage calypso compilations.
Afrobeat 101
What is Afrobeat music? Learn more about this amazing genre of African music and those who created it, including the inimitable Fela Kuti.
The T'read on the Tail o' Me Coat - Mush Mush...
The T'read on the Tail o' Me Coat, also called Mush Mush Mush, is an Irish traditional-styled song that was made popular by the Clancy Brothers. It's a comic song with a fun sing-along chorus.
Fela Kuti - Afrobeat Pioneer
Fela Kuti was a pioneering world musician who played Afrobeat music, a blend of American jazz, funk and pop with West African Highlife Music. Fela Kuti was also a major political activist who became a hero of the Black Power movement. Fela Kuti died of AIDS in 1997.
World Music Songs for Weddings
World music fans often find themselves in a bit of a jam when they're planning the music for their wedding - they want to express their unique taste in music, but also want to keep the music sweet and romantic. These ten songs will surely add a touch of romance, as well as some fabulous global flavor, to your wedding.
The Galway Shawl
History and Background: "The Galway Shawl" is, like most traditional folk songs , of unknown origin.
A reel is a traditional dance and tune style found primarily in Irish and Scottish music, but also in other genres influenced by those styles. The reel is one of the most common types of tunes found in fiddle music around the world, and stepdancers often learn reels as their first type of dance.
What World Music Should I Put Into My Pandora...
Suggestions to get your Pandora station populated with great international music, from recent releases to classic tunes, and from artists all over the world.
The Banks of Claudy
History and Background: "The Banks of Claudy" is a well-known traditional Irish folksong which has also
Roots Reggae 101
Roots reggae is a subgenre of reggae music, characterized by socially conscious and spiritual lyrics. Roots reggae peaked in the late 1960s with Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and their contemporaries, but there are still great artists recording roots reggae, and it remains popular among people who dislike the slack lyrics of modern dancehall.
Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Isicathamiya Music: Isicathamiya means, roughly, "Tip Toe Guys" in Zulu, a major language of South Africa.
A kora is a 21-stringed harp made from a gourd and popular in West Africa
What is World Music?
: What is World Music? : Louis Armstrong once said, "All music is folk music; I ain't never heard a horse
Top 10 Jewish Reggae CDs
With the popularity of Matisyahu, a Hasidic reggae rapper, interest is growing in other Jewish Reggae music. Check out some of these great artists who are incorporating Jewish traditions with Reggae.
Portuguese Fado Music 101
Fado music is the traditional urban folk music of Portugal. Portuguese fado music is known for its sad, mournful songs and powerful performances.
The bagpipes are a traditional instrument of the Scottish Highlands.
A gong is an ancient type of tonal percussion instrument, found in various forms throughout Asia. Learn more about this Asian instrument.
Bob Marley and the Wailers Live Forever
Bob Marley and the Wailers Live Forever is a new release of Bob Marley's final concert, which took place at the Stanley Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA on September 23, 1980. The CD is made from Soundboard recordings, so the actual recording quality is excellent, and the Wailers were in outstanding form that night -- it's a special recording, for sure. Read my review of Bob Marley and the Wailers Live Forever.
The Leaving of Liverpool
"The Leaving of Liverpool" Background Story: "The Leaving of Liverpool" is a relatively popular folksong
10 Scary World Music Songs
These ten songs come from all over the world but share one thing in common: they're ghoulish! From a funny Jamaican zombie song to a creepy Swedish werewolf ballad to a frightening composition based on Chinese exorcism rituals, this list should frighten and delight you!
The Music of Cape Breton
Cape Breton Island is a gorgeous island in the province of Nova Scotia (Latin for "New Scotland"), Canada.
CD Review: The Creole Choir of Cuba - 'Santiman'
A review of the 2013 release, 'Santiman,' from the Creole Choir of Cuba, a group who keep alive the music of the Haitian community in Cuba.
One Drop
The one drop rhythm is a snare drum rhythm that is a major part of the sound of reggae music. The one drop rhythm was popularized by Carlton Barrett, of Bob Marley and the Wailers.
Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar 101
Hawaiian slack key guitar is one of the most interesting forms of indigenous American folk music. Hawaiian slack key guitar is characterized by cross-tuning of the guitar strings and a distinctive bluesy sound created by highly embellished finger-picking.
Top 10 African Music Starter CDs
These CDs will make a great beginning to your African music collection. They represent a wide variety of styles and genres and will be just the thing you need to get you started.
A bodhran is a hand-held drum used in traditional Irish music. Bodhran players are an integral part of an Irish music seisun (jam session).
Boolavogue Lyrics and History
Boolavogue is a folksong set to the tune of an old Irish air. Boolavogue tells the story of Father John Murphy, a local parish priest who led his parishioners in battle during the 1798 rebellion in Ireland. He was tortured and executed by the British.

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