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World Music Trailblazer Award

We're now accepting nominations for the World Music Trailblazer of the Year for the 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards. Nominees for World Music Trailblazer of the Year can be a band, artist, composer, or producer who live(s) and work(s) anywhere in the world. Their music, be it live, recorded, or composed, should stretch the boundaries of world music (in the broadest possible definition of the term) in some substantial way, whether it be genre-bending, cross-cultural collaboration, the blending of old instruments with new technology, or some other groundbreaking bit of creativity. The artist/band should have either released recorded/composed work or played live shows within the past year. Tell us your favorite!

Please note that final nominations will be made from a tally of these nominations, so if you want to be a nominee, encourage your fans to nominate you!

Megan Romer
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