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Reader Submissions: World Music Radio Show List


This list, though not completely comprehensive, includes world music radio shows from all over the world. Looking for a world music radio show to listen to? Give one of these a try... many stream live over the internet or are available as podcasts.


eclectic global musics.. all generations.. annual worldOnefestival July 4th and special events throughout the year .. we make a point to glean lyrical messages to uplift and inspire ... while we refl…More

Slacker.com World Music Radio Show

On Slacker.com World we play all styles of world music covering a rich array of sounds and texture that cover a type of music that isn't any one genre. The music flows from the very traditional to th…More

Radio Lortron - World Music WebRadio

Lortron Webstream RadioWe broadcast worldwide and the music we play is diverse, cutting edge and progressive and includes, Rock, Jazz Fusion, Dance, Trance, Techno,Electronica, Hip-Hop, Reggae, World…More

Small World Radio

A one hour, weekly show that brings together music and news in a radio theatre. Each show concentrates on another threat to our civilization, with in depth reporting and commentary. We have done show…More

C'est La Vie - WFIT; Melbourne, FL

C'est La Vie was started in June of 1999 with the idea of covering all music not just the so-called World Music Genre.That's why you will hear a classical piece from Finland , an American Rock or Fol…More

NewWorldBuzz Internet Streaming World Music Radio

Internet radio site playing the best variety of World Music. Martin Curti hosts artist interviews and special features.On NewWorldBuzz, Martin Curti hosts hours of globally infused song and talk. Now…More

World Expess

Here at World Express the train leaves every Sunday evening at 8pm and I invite you to sit back and listen to the scenery changing outside your carriage window .A mixture of music from around the wor…More

Ragmala - Music of India

Ragmala broadcasts primarily the music produced by the Batish family under the Batish Record Label. But, it also broadcast music by friends with the proper clearance for performing rights etc. The mu…More

Higher Ground on Wisconsin Public Radio

Higher Ground with Jonathan Overby is a weekend show designed to bridge diverse cultures through the power of world music. The sounds are rooted in the celebration of styles that reflect not only the…More

Crossing Continents - KDVS - Davis, CA

I mostly play TRADITIONAL Folk & Classical music of the Middle-East, Mediterranean region, North Africa, Greece & the Balkan region, The Indian sub continent & Central Asia. I do include listings of …More

World of Music in Vermont

Roots music from around the world. Includes some jazz and blues, with an emphasis on popular international artists like Mariza, Andy Palacio and Manu Dibango - along with many deeper cuts from great …More

World Music Fusion Radio

This station is dedicated to the process of world fusion: creating new music through cross-cultural collaboration. Since computer cut and paste techniques do not foster the actual exchange of musical…More

Musica Mundi, KGNU

Musica Mundi is dedicated to music from all across the planet. We feature traditional and contemporary, vocal and instrumental. KGNU strives to represent music and information that is under represent…More

The Source - WUSC

The title pretty much says it all. I play popular African music, from about the late 1940s (sometimes earlier to the present. All styles, all regions, including music from the islands off the African…More

Musical Migrations, www.AshevilleFM.org

Music from around the world with an emphasis on music of the Mediterranean. I especially love the music of Corsica and the nearby islands such as Sardinia and Sicily.I announce concerts in the area a…More

Legacy - WTSR

Contemporary and traditional folk music of all genres including music from around the globe.Program also includes a concert calendar, occassional interviews and live on-air performances, and give-awa…More

Worldwaves/ShomimOlam (105.3 FM Upper Galilee Israel/South Lebanon)

An eclectic program of , which began as a world music show, but rapidly came to embrace all allied genres, folk, blues, bluegrass, roots music, etc.The station can be heard by listeners on both sides…More

Detour - WTMD

Detour has been on the air for over 25 years in a variety of time slots, currently 5 to 7 PM on Sunday, Eastern Time. The show is an eclectic blend of folk, roots, and world music. Concert calendar a…More

The Raggle Taggle Gypsy - KPSU

"..anything with definite European roots: from polka to Celtic, Balkan to folk metal, key harps to hurdy gurdy!!"I don't usually compile concert listings or do interviews because of the logistics of …More

Crossing Continents - KDVS

I mostly cover music of the Middle-East, Europe (East & West), The Balkan region, Central Asia and the Indian Sub-Continent.I emphasis the traditional (Folk & Classical) but include contemporary arra…More

worldbeatcanada radio

Canada's Contemporary Global Music Radio Hour. Drawing from one the most extensive libraries of contemporary global music in North America, Cal Koat puts 25 years of programming, presenting and produ…More

Radio Mundo - WESM

Radio Mundo is an eclectic mix of music from around the world emphasizing the similarities between us all and celebrating the differences too. I play music from everywhere! From Tuva to Cuba, Brazil …More

Radio K International - University of Minnesota

Traditional sounds and emerging new genres from around the world, focusing on new releases and artists coming to the Twin Cities area. A concert calendar of local events is included normally, while i…More

Caravan - WSUM

Music from Islamic countries and cultures, including traditional and contemporary (e.g. north africa, the middle east).Also traditional music from north and south India.Broadcasts and streams live Fr…More

Global Village (Melbourne, PBS-FM)

Inclusive acoustic-based, tradition-oriented music from around the world. Includes a focus on Australian artists presenting music from different cultures and communities; interviews with artists; spe…More

Global Village (KMUW)

An eclectic world music based show that draws on music from all over the world and also on music from many other genres that are influenced by musical styles, rhythms and influences from around the g…More

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