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Readers Respond: What Items are on Your Music Festival Packing List?

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Packing for a music festival is quite a different experience than packing for, say, a camping trip in the mountains. What items do you consider essential when you're packing for a music festival?


On my packing list there's sunglasses, bug repellant, blister healers, sunscreen, lip balm, spare make-up, duct-tape, extra bobby pins (in case of hair disaster!) and of course a camera for happy snaps!!
—Guest elise

rain gear

CHECK THE WEATHER... and bring ponchos and rain boots if the forcast looks wet
—Guest icame2getdownn

Festival Kit

i got given a festipack for christmas which had loss of bits in it including a good torch, first aid kit, dry shampoo

The answer

A vest best thing to put everything in and a cap. And most important positive vibes!!!.
—Guest Roman

Talcum Powder

When wearing wellies [rubber boots for Americans] you tend to get blisters, put talc on your feet before putting on your socks and wellies to prevent it.
—Guest LEEDS2011BABY

Extra set of keys for your vehicle

Bring an extra set of keys for your vehicle. Hide the extra set under your vehicle or in your tent or under your tent or where ever you think is a good hiding place. I locked my self out of my truck last year and had the extra set inside the truck as well. After having a tow truck driver let me back into my truck at 2 AM. I then hid the extra set in my tent so I didn't get locked out again. The tow truck driver that helped me said is spends the whole night unlocking vehicles and jump starting dead batteries. Jumper cables and a cell phone car charger if you don't want to buy an extra battery for your cell phone.
—Guest manwithmanyhats

Baby wipes are a godsend!

Baby wipes are amazing! Especially when you've been stick in a field without decent showers for a week! Just a quick once-over in the morning with a babywipe, can put a completely different spin on the day! Dry shampoo can also be BRILLIANT! Altho you have to be carful about how you apply it. I find it best to give short spurts from a reasonable distance, rather than going close up. I hope this helped :)
—Guest Mee!! :)

Xbox 360

Makes a good cup holder on the uneven grass in the campsites. Best use for it IMO
—Guest Harry pearson

festival goods

Some stuff that was left out that is essential: a large pack of gum, travel insurance if you are traveling outside of the country, passport, hair elastics/bobbypins, insoles for running shoes, polysporin/bandaids, gps, hair brush, cough drops (if you yell at your favourite bands and get a sore throat), mirror, wetnaps, paper towels, more than one bathing suit and towel, plastic/trash bags.
—Guest firstimer


You'll probably wan't the kind for your campsite and for your body/clothes. You can also get special soap with citronella in it to shower with...I find this helps a lot.
—Guest slenderb

condensed list! continued

Duct tape, watch, extra phone battery, hammock, battery powered vacuum, solar lamps, garden fence, glow in the dark paint, meeting spot within the crowd: (i.e. middle right of field, next to sound table, etc.)
—Guest adrienne

Bin bags and toilet paper

Bring loads extra. People were buying them off me last year :)
—Guest Hannah

Travel Johns to avoid Toilet Queues

Travel Johns are an absolute must and the best kept secret in the world. Basically, they are a bag you pee in that instantly turns to a gel, so no mess and no smell. They are brilliant - I get mine from www.onestopfestival.com but they're available from other places too.
—Guest Jason Thorpe

a few more things...

If you're driving don't forget the jump leads, spare wheel/tyre, jack and if you're driving abroad that your insurance covers you and anyone sharing the driving. Cheap multi pen knife: cheap ones do break easily but they are so handy and you won't cry if you lose it or if the door people say no. Superglue: another great answer to broken shoes and tents also hats and jewellary. Ziplock bags: big ones- put everything in your pockets in them when it rains so no soggy cameras and concertina rolling papers- also great answer to shampoo etc bursting in your bag and opened packets of nuts spreading themselves around your tent for the ants to eat. Particularly ladies- pocket belts particularly popular with trancers are amazing cos they hold all your bits, aren't annoying to dance with, go over your pocketless pretty summer dresses and you don't end up putting them down and losing them. People have said condoms but also don't forget your birth-control pill and any other medication :-)
—Guest moonstruck fairy


A pair of shades are the best thing to sit back and relax in, plus they are very handy when you can hardly see your favoutite band because the sun is so bright.
—Guest Livi

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