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Readers Respond: Best World Music CDs for Relaxing and Meditating

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There are thousands upon thousands of world music CDs that are either created for meditation and relaxation exercises or that simply soothe the mind and the soul. Which is your favorite? What music relaxes you every time you listen?

Where Our Waters Meet & Spreading Wings

I have been a massage therapist, world musician, and nurse for many years, and created two beautiful world music cds for relaxation.
—Guest lynda cole

Music for Yoga and Massage and others!

Check these out . . . Music For Yoga and Massage, Live From the Heart both have very beautiful and unique music and utilize indigenous harps from Uganda. The Shaman's Drum, Volume One and Two use the Native American Pow Wow Drum and the Australian Didgeridoo for a powerful meditation. Loving Kindness Metta is a soft and soothing meditation with the beautiful voice of Wing Man Law and the airy sounds of the Tibetan bowls in the background. http://www.collectiveawakening.us/index.php/shop/cds Thank you!
—Guest Martin Klabunde

Relaxation Music

You should try listening to the artist Llewellyn on the Paradise Music label!
—Guest betty wolf

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