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World Music CDs for Christmas

There's no reason for your Christmas soundtrack to get stale when there are so many wonderful global Christmas CDs out there. From reggae to klezmer, Irish to Zydeco, there are lots of Christmas CDs for the discerning world music fan to choose from.

World Music Spotlight10

10 Iconic French Songs

These well-known gems of vintage French pop music, like Coco Chanel's little black dress, are perennially chic, and they go with everything.

Concert Review: Ballake Sissoko and Vincent Segal

A review of a concert performance by this collaborative duo who bring Malian kora and European classical and jazz cello together.


Learn more about this simple percussion instrument.

The Croppy Boy

Learn more about this sad old song, written about the Irish Rebellion of 1798.

The Auld Orange Flute

Learn the story behind this Irish folksong, originally a satire of Northern Irish Protestantism but later adopted as a point of Protestant pride.

The Rising of the Moon

Learn more about this song that tells of the Rebellion of 1798.

How Can I Get My Children Into World Music?

Tips and tricks for getting your kids to listen to (and enjoy) music from around the world.

How Many Children Did Bob Marley Have?

Bob Marley had both adopted and biological children with several partners, but how many were there in total?

Which Musical Instruments are Used in a Cajun Band?

A description of the different musical instruments found in a traditional Cajun music band and their roles.

2013 World Music at About.com Readers' Choice Award Winners

The 2013 World Music Torchbearer Award goes to Swedish power-trad trio Vasen!

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