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Genres and Styles of World Music


World music is made up of many different genres and styles. Every culture has their own indigenous music, and modern world music often blends these genres with electronic sounds. Become acquainted with both modern and traditional styles of world music!
  1. Caribbean Music
  2. Celtic, European and Judaica Music
  3. African Music
  4. Asian and Middle Eastern Music
  5. North American Music

Caribbean Music

Caribbean music, particularly that of Jamaica, has become some of the most popular music in the world.

Celtic, European and Judaica Music

From the joyful sounds of klezmer to ancient Celtic ballads, and everything in between.

African Music

Africa is a huge continent where tons of ancient traditional music is still being played, and some of the world's most exciting musical innovators are constantly creating new sounds.

Asian and Middle Eastern Music

The sounds of the East are often completely different than those of the West - often even written in different scales and modes, and with a completely different rhythmical feeling.

North American Music

North America is home to many rich traditions of ethnic music; some brought by immigrants, and some native.

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